The reason you should close your toilet lid

Online cleaning platform Helpling shares with us these interesting nuggets of information about the toilet:

Time to think twice if you don’t put the lid down whenever you flush. Two words: It’s disgusting! Whenever you flush, specks of toilet water can splash out of the bowl for up to six meters. This contaminates the whole bathroom, from the tiles on the floor to your toothbrush at the sink. Keep this in mind the next time you’ve done your business, or you could be brushing your teeth with waste residue. *Gag* 

Having trouble with cleaning the toilet? Know that it’s okay to play rough. To get rid of grime and dirt effectively, you have to use enough force to scrub the bowl with a suitable toilet brush. Ease your work by soaking the bowl for at least five minutes with toilet detergent to dislodge stubborn stains. Remember to dry your bowl after wiping the exterior as well - bacteria thrive on warm, sticky surfaces!

Oh, and follow this simple trick if your toilet isn’t flushing properly because of a blockage: Pour hot (not boiling!) water from a metre high to dislodge whatever’s causing the jam. The energy made with the fall will help to unclog your bowl.

A version of this article appeared on Shape.