10 boutique hotels in Asia under $180

Still cracking your head on where to go for the holidays? Here's a quick guide to 10 fabulous boutique hotels in Asia for under SGD$180 per night. 

1) Andon Ryokan, Tokyo

One of the first in Tokyo to combine traditional ryokan architecture with modern aesthetics, Andon Ryokan is the brainchild of Ms. Ishii, who took over the ryokan from her predecessors. The new concept of a modernised Japanese inn was then created to attract foreign travellers. Rooms are tatami style, and the owner's antique collection are interesting additions to the ryokan's interiors. For a taste of old world Japan, the ryokan also organises traditional Japanese activities such as ikebana, origami workshops and sake tasting tours. 

Prices from around 7,400 JPY.