9 scented candles for your home this Christmas

Ikea Vinter 2016 Scented Candle, $5.50

I’m just throwing this incredibly affordable candle in with the rest, because it truly smells like pine trees which, as I’ve mentioned, never fail to make me think of Christmas. This year I made it a point to get to Ikea as soon as the chain launched its Christmas range at the start of this month, in order to ensure I didn’t miss out on any pretty gift wrapping things like I did the previous year.

And of course, I couldn’t pass up sampling all the holiday candles to find my favourite. I liked this one the most, and it’s really cheap if you just don’t want to spend crazy amounts of money on a candle.

The only thing that’s a reflection of the price is that the scent doesn’t travel very far, so this candle is perhaps best used in a smaller enclosed room rather than larger open spaces. You could always place several of these around the house for a stronger scent!