What is Hygge to you? Design pundits Fausto Colombo and Christina Caredes share how they celebrate Christmas.

Hygge (say "Hue-guh") is the Danish concept of creating homeyness and happiness every day, by celebrating the present, the genuine and, even, the ordinary. However, these experiences are intimate and personal -- your version of Hygge might be entirely different from the person next to you.

Decor tip: Keep your home light and bright with neutral hues, and use food as decor with a decorative tablescape; a glass dispenser lets your lime-mint quencher take centrestage!

To understand how this concept of kinship and warmth is celebrated all over the world, we turn to Fausto Colombo, the CEO of high-end Italian furniture brand Arflex, and Christina Caredes, the CEO of multi-label furniture brand SpaceThese movers and shakers of the industry know what it takes to create the mood and ambiance you need -- naturally, they'll know a thing or two about Hygge!  

Christina Caredes of Space

How does Space do Hygge?
Christina: Space is passionate about design and creativity so for us, Hygge is about appreciating beautiful details and well-designed furniture and interiors. And our workplace is like a family (many of us having worked here for more than 10 years!) so we like to think we enjoy a little Hygge every day at work.

The cosiness of your home plays a big part in creating "Hygge". What are your must-have products to create this look?
Christina: I have the iconic B&B Italia UP5 in my home; I read on it to my children, relax with a good book, or watch the kids play in its curves. I also love my B&B Italia Bend sofa – I think Patricia Urquiola understands Hygge; her designs invite you to relax in them and make you feel at ease. And of course, a beautiful rug will soften any hard surfaces. Moooi Carpets, for instance, is not only rich, but also features striking designs that help you create an individual look at home.

B&B Italia Bend sofa by Patricia Urquiola

Let's talk about the five senses; how are these senses engaged during your festive celebrations?
Christina:I come from a family with a diverse cultural background – Asian, Australians and Greek – so food is plentiful and varied at Christmas. My one must is a beautiful selection of seafood!

I love seeing good friends, good food, and good wine come together – it always ends in friends in tears of laughter. And of course, the sound of my children playing and laughing always puts me at ease.

As for interiors, I like fabrics that are luxurious and warming. And I think something from Viktor and Rolf’s fragrance range, which matches the concept of Hygge, will surely complete this experience.

Fausto Colombo of Arflex

What is Arflex's definition of Hygge?
Fausto: Our definition, as a furniture company, is to create products with strong personalities and characters. This is so people who buy Arflex designs can create a personal ambiance -- where they can enjoy life and relax -- that is unique and not ubiquitous.

What comes to mind when you think of Christmas?
Fausto: I think about staying with people I love. 

Design tip: Handmade elements like paper ornaments add a personal touch to your celebrations. Wood from up north, such as birch and pine, complements and understatedly chic interior.

Let's talk about the five senses; how are these senses engaged during your festive celebrations?

Fausto: The texture of the elegant armchair Katrin by Carlo Colombo in fur evokes warmth. I'd pair this with classical music, as well as the fresh and crisp citrus scents that remind me very much of the conviviality of family, and classic Italian flavours. 

Speaking of food, I look forward to the Panettone, a special cake made in Milan. Lastly, seeing and spending time with my son and daughter, as part of a 38-person family gathering, is most important to me. 

Katrin by Carlo Colombo, Giulietta by B.B.P.R, and Pecorelle by Cini Boeri 

The cosiness of your home plays a big part in creating "Hygge". Which Arflex product do you think best imbue warmth into a home?

Fausto: You can find the cosiness of a home, only in your home. Some that come to mind would be Strips (1972) and Pecorelle (1972) -- both by Cini Boeri, as well as Giulietta (1958) by B.B.P.R. These are all classics that have imbued joyfulness into countless homes for about half a century each!

Arflex is exclusively retailed at Space Furniture.