7 London restaurants with gorgeous interiors

When English artist Damien Hirst opened his first restaurant Pharmacy, in 1998, its decor of medical cabinets and pill-shaped stools fooled many people into thinking it was an actual drugstore. Now, 13 years after the Notting Hill eatery closed, Hirst has opened Pharmacy 2 in Vauxhall.

But Pharmacy 2 isn’t the only venue in which London’s famous creative energy shines. At these restaurants, fabulous food is matched by an equally impressive aesthetic.

Inside Damien Hirst’s Newport Street museum, his second restaurant once again resembles an apothecary. Here, chef Mark Hix’s food mixes with the BritArt star’s unique work: dazzling butterfly wing pieces, medical cabinets and windows depicting DNA. 

Take a look at the interiors of the restaurant in this video.