Hygge your home: The formula behind the Danish concept of cosiness


Hygge (say "Hue-guh") is a Danish concept of creating everyday homeyness and warmth, even in the chilliest of winters and longest periods of darkness. But while we are lucky enough to not have to endure bone-chilling winds and be encumbered by heavy snowfall, every home could use the feel-good vibes associated with the idea. 

See what the essential elements are, to create Hygge in your home.



+ Nature-inspired motifs

With sprawling fields and scenic landscapes, inspiration is largely drawn from nature and the environment, and seasonal beauty is cherished.

+ Light, neutral shades

A light colour palette is key to interiors that are as light and bright as possible. Embrace the philosophy of keeping things simple and pure.

+ Blonde wood 

Woods from up North, such as birch, ash and pine, have light hues, and this complements an understatedly chic earthy colour scheme.

+ Soft and snuggly textures

Soft textures balance out clean and simple functional pieces. Think throw cushions with faux fur, knitted throws and high-pile rugs.

+ Fresh greenery 

There is something about healthy green foliage that imbues freshness into any space. Pepper your interiors with lush plants for soothing, invigorating views.

+ Candlelight

Even just a flicker of a flame adds subtle light and warmth, as well as mood and ambience. All the better if you have a roaring fire to warm up by!

+ Handmade elements

What could be more heartfelt and meaningful than homemade and handmade? Make your own ornaments as a personal decor touch to your space. It's more genuine than getting everything to look “perfect”.

+ A pop of colour

Cheery accent colours in measured amounts complement the neutral palette — and perk up the mood!


See a beautiful Hygge Scandinavian-inspired home, and furnishings you can get to create the look for your own home here!