Design inspirations from 10 gorgeous hotel lobbies around the world

The feeling of walking through the front door of a hotel and into the lobby is always exciting, as it’s at that moment when your holiday officially begins. But what used to be a simple thoroughfare for guests, has today evolved beyond recognition.

Today’s lobby is a multi-functional space, with eye-catching features, unusual services or fun discoveries. It’s still an area for checking in and out, but it’s also a social hub, a place to wine and dine, and even a party zone. Hotel booking site Hotels.com reveals some of the most outstanding lobbies in hotels around the world.

The sensual bar lobby – W Seoul Walkerhill, Seoul, South Korea

Recognised for its simple yet luxurious design, the lobby of W Seoul Walkerhill is a sensual and interactive space that attracts younger trend seekers. Woo Bar, its signature stylish bar area, offers an exquisite interior focused on design, fashion and music. Known as the longest in South Korea, the 18m bar offers a memorable experience with its spaceship-shaped DJ booth, impressive artwork displays, egg-like chairs and other unique features.