Shopping: Furniture and decor accessories to buy at Robinsons The Heeren’s Home Fair

Just in time for Robinsons The Heeren's Home Fair, we break down three popular decorating styles plus product picks to take the stress out of setting up (or making over) your home. 

1. Tropical style

When it comes to infusing “tropical” style into the home, there’s a fine line between creating a chic, eclectic look and going overboard into kitschy theme territory.

Not to worry! Apply just one or two of the tips here (or in this video), and you can pull off an instant room makeover using the bevy of beautiful buys at Robinsons The Heeren’s Home Fair (13-30 April 2017).

Take, for instance, the vibrant orange accents – vases, pillows, natural coral, bath accessories, kitchenware. Place a few around a mostly neutral-coloured room (e.g., beige, brown, grey, navy or white) to immediately liven up the space with pops of zesty orange.