Emmanuel Stroobant shares his favourite recipe with sous vide cooking

The head chef of Saint Pierre, Emmanuel Stroobant, shares his favourite recipe with sous vide cooking — ocean trout confit with hollandaise espuma and asparagus and almonds.

What you need:

■ 4 x 140g ocean trout (boneless and skinless fillet)

■ 60ml extra virgin olive oil

■ Salt and pepper to taste

■ 6 eggs (yolks only)

■ 20ml Chardonnay vinegar

■ 225g butter (unsalted and melted)

■ ½ lemon (juice extracted)

■ 40g almond flakes

■ 12 green asparagus (washed and peeled)

■ 80g ikura (salmon roe, for garnishing)


Ocean trout confit

■ Brush the fillet with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper.

■ Place fish in bag, and vacuum.

■ Set steamer at 48 deg C, and steam bag for 10 minutes.


Hollandaise espuma (foam)

■ Combine egg yolks and vinegar in a bag, then vacuum.

■ Cook at 65 deg C for 30 minutes in steam oven.

■ Remove sauce from bag and whisk in melted butter and lemon juice.

■ Season to taste. Strain into a ½-litre siphon canister.

■ Insert 2 cartridges into canister to prepare espuma.


Almonds and asparagus

■ Pan fry almonds in remaining olive oil until golden brown.

■ Steam at 90 deg C for 4 minutes. Place on grill for 1 minute.


To serve

■ Place asparagus on plate, and top with fish fillet, hollandaise espuma, and almonds. Garnish with ikura.

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