8 fresh ideas for a creative headboard

The headboard is probably one of the first things a visitor notices when entering a bedroom. Well, apart from whether you bothered making your bed! Beautiful headboards are aplenty, but these ones we saw on Instagram stood out for its creativity. 

Turn your favourite piece of painting into a wall decal.


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How about a carved headboard for a warm and rustic look?


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This looks like it could be something from a Game of Thrones set, though more for the Lannisters than the moody Starks.


This two-headboard combination, paired with its corner location, creates a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom.


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Headboards don't need to be rectangle-shaped.


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A semicircle headboard gives the room a softer look.


This bamboo screen is pretty and functional – just don’t make a habit of hanging your day-old clothes on there!

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