Living with cats: Top 3 concerns and how to keep your cats happy at home

The Internet’s favourite animal is agile and versatile, giving its owners the most freedom to experiment with customised features at home. Cats feel just as comfortable on the ground as they are high up in trees, and they also love to hide and escape escape. Sam Chua, co-owner of Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa, tells us more about these curious creatures.

COMMON CONCERN #1: Scratching
Cats need and like to scratch, especially on textured and contrast surfaces like rattan chairs or sofa seams. Upholstery that is smooth to the touch, like cotton and satin, reduces the chances of this. It’s important to give them other avenues to scratch, like sisal-roped bedside tables or poles on each end of the sofa, and throughout the house – because just one spot is hardly enough!

Photo: Studio Wills + Architects

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