House Tour: A modern and child-friendly two-storey semi-detached home near Orchard Road

If she wanted to follow the design du jour, banking professional C Huang would have built her house with the large glass windows, sleek steel structures and concrete walls that are all the rage now. She went the opposite direction instead, with a house that incorporates a wooden screen facade, natural lighting and tropical architecture for a unique look that makes it stand out in a neighbourhood filled with houses that still retain their original structures from decades ago.

The two-storey semi-detached home with basement and attic is the new home of Ms Huang, her husband and two young children. Although the original house belonged to her parents, Ms Huang never lived in it as it had always been rented out. "But we wanted to live here, to be close to my parents who live just a few doors away," she says.

Her brief to architecture firm Farm was a flexible one with just a couple of requests. "The house had to be child-friendly, and I also wanted a balcony in my bedroom."