3 things to note before building a fish aquarium at home

Aquascapes or planted tanks are common ways to spruce up a home, as well as create a natural environment for aquatic creatures. Roland Seah from Green Chapter, an aquarium company that also does green walls, shares with us some tips for maintaining a beautiful and healthy aquarium.

COMMON CONCERN #1: Fish-specific needs
To ensure the long life of both fish and plants, owners need to ensure the contents of their aquariums match the needs of the fish. For instance, small tetra fish, guppies, and shrimps are more suitable for plant aquariums than larger fish like arowanas; the former would not feed on the aquatic plants or cause disturbances in the environment, whereas the latter tend to dig holes and move wood. And as a rule of thumb, small fish appreciate dense plants to hide in.

“Owners also need to prevent fish from cross-infecting each other with diseases. Before placing new fish in an aquarium, quarantine them and disinfect the water to remove any bacteria. However, some fish have dormant viruses that will be activated when the fish is stressed,” says Roland.

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