Styling ideas for small bathrooms

After cracking your brains over the most space-efficient and functional design for the bathroom and shower areas, do it justice by styling it up! With just a little bit of effort, it can go from a forgettable space into a modern bathroom design that can impress guests and make them go, “Wow, why didn’t I think of that?”


bathroom design ideas
1.    Look what a difference hanging a vibrant art print like this can make! By mounting up art pieces in the bathroom, you can give it a much more stylised appearance, imbuing the space a boutique hotel vibe.
(Interior design by AKD3SIGN)


bathroom design ideas
2.    If you intend to rework the entire layout of your bedroom and en suite bathroom, one way to make the latter really stand out is by using a curved wall to separate it from the main room. A gentle contour like this brings a whole new perspective to the home.
(Interior design by The Carpenter's)


bathroom design ideas
3.    Just like the living room, having a feature wall in the bathroom helps anchor the space. The fish scale pattern of the emerald green encaustic wall tiles here bring a quirky yet classy accent to this all-white bathroom.
(Interior design by Md.Ma Design Consultants)


bathroom design ideas
4.    Got an industrial or minimalist theme going on for the home? Explore utilitarian yet still decorative exposed pipes and mixers for the sink area to make a design statement.
(Interior design by Desmond Ong)


bathroom design ideas
5.    Having a ladder propped up at the dry area of the washroom is one way to recreate the hotel ambiance in your own home. Use the ladder rungs as stylish substitutes to nondescript towel rings and racks.
(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)


bathroom design ideas
6.    If you're a fan of the earthy and natural aesthetics of Bali-esque resorts, swop your porcelain washbasin for a stone basin. This unexpected choice adds texture and a rugged beauty to the bathroom.
(Interior design by Edgeline Planners)


bathroom design ideas
7.    While you wouldn't think of wallpapers when it comes to decorating your toilet, this bathroom that's clad in comic book-inspired wallpaper might just make you re-consider that!
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


bathroom design ideas
8.    Graphic tiles are an ingenious way to keep your bathroom practical and play up its decorative potential at the same time.
(Interior design by Museum)


bathroom design ideas
9.    Don't let tight, cramped corners in the bathroom put you down! Pick a bright, chirpy shade for the counter top and watch it transform the entire space.
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)


bathroom design ideas
10.    Ultimately, it's all about treating your bathroom -- no matter how spacioius or narrow it is -- with as much pride as you would with your living room. Bring in little accessories like framed posters, plants, and other stylish elements, and voila, you'll have a bathroom that's equally as stylish.
(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

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