10 ways to inject bold colours into your kitchen


Stick to a white and black backdrop if red is your colour of choice for the kitchen. The impact is two-fold if you’re diligent enough to maintain the palette through all the furniture and kitchen accessories and appliances. (Interior design by Space Factor)


For a more subtle yet still unexpected treatment for a contemporary kitchen, try Mediterranean blue cabinets and a dark marble countertop. (Kitchen design by Mu Dian)


This Avant Garde black and orange kitchen evokes a futuristic flair as well. (Interior design by Rezt & Relax Interior)


Balance the moody, baroque-influenced tones of plum with crisp white furniture for a better equilibrium.


Playing with contrasts can result in a contemporary yet quirky space. Here, the glossy pale yellow cabinets are a wonderful addition on top of the kitchen’s overall matte grey and white surfaces. (Interior design by Prozfile)


Pair the use of rambunctious red with bold angular cabinets for extra punch. (Interior design by Space Vision Design)


Neon lime is a fine colour for a fresh-looking cook space.


Add splashes of orange for an extra zesty flavour. (Interior design by Vegas Interior Design)


If you’re not the kind who would shy away from colours, pair two bold colours together for a delectable palette.


This dazzling kitchen makes the most of its bold colour choice by cladding all the cabinets and wall in a brilliant shade of lemon yellow. (Interior design by Design Intervention
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