10 design ideas for feature walls in HDB flat homes

Designers are using materials such as faux bricks, ventilation blocks, laminate and more to create distinctive features in HDB flat homes. Even if you don't have a large abode, you can have a statement-making feature that makes your place interesting. 

Here are some ideas.

Design: Fuse Concept

1) Ventilation blocks to create a divider


Design: Produce

2) Veneer-finished carpentry


Design: Egg3

3) Glossy laminate that looks like marble


Design: Space Sense

4) Fake loft-style windows to give the illusion of more space


Design: Distinct Identity

5) Laminate-finished "crates" and "boxes" as storage


Design: Space Factor

6) Graphic sticker or wall mural with a scenic view


Design: Distinct Identity

7) Wall cabinet with chalkboard surfaces


Design: W2DA

8) Ventilation blocks contrasted with timber-finished wall panelling


Design: Free Space Intent

9) Patterned tiles


Design: Bluepin I.D

10) Concrete bricks