10 Fun and Quirky DIY Headboards

Get crafty by designing your own headboard. Here are some creative ideas on how to make one from scratch.

1. Get a bunch of old books, hammer them in place to a couple of wooden boards, and you can get this amazing (and nerdy) headboard! Get step by step instructions from this blogger on how to get it done.

2. Got a spare room divider that you can’t seem to fit anywhere else? Double it up as a headboard. (Interior design by Splendor)

3. Decals are great for designing a headboard that perfectly matches the room’s palette.

4. The homeowner got this wrought iron headboard customised; but if you have a vintage decorative grille lying around, this is an easy way to breathe new life into it. (Interior design by Pure Concept)

5. A creative headboard like this can be crafted out of wooden poles, bold-coloured ropes, and some glue. Learn how to do it here.

6. We love the idea of using pillows for a headboard!

7. Throw in some rustic elements by upcycling old wooden pallets. 

8. This DIY chevron fabric headboard only cost this blogger USD9 to do up! Find out how she did it.

9. Another clever way to use fabric curtains to dress up your bedroom.

10. Add a rustic touch by using worn-out doors to frame the bed. 
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