10 homes with nostalgic accents

Pre-loved, well-worn or vintage-inspired furnishings and materials often have stories to tell and can add character to a space. They can go well with contemporary design, too. Here are some tips on how you can reflect the "old is gold" statement through your decor.

1. Old-school geometric-patterned tiles are far more dramatic than plain-coloured ones. With the right furniture pieces, they blend in effortlessly with modern decor.

(Interior design by Prozfile)

2. Giving old furnishings a new lease of life could be as easy as applying a fresh coat of paint.

(Interior design by Make Room)

3. A little DIY goes a long way. Try incorporating vintage gems to create upcycled statement pieces, such as this old sewing machine base that's fitted with a wooden tray.

(Interior design by D'Haus)

4. Apply ornate or traditional furnishings (such as this old window frame) sparingly to make it pop among contemporary pieces.

(Interior design by E&A Interiors)

5. Find a new purpose for old items. For example, this homeowner transformed vintage school lockers into a storage cabinet for his home office.

(Interior design by 19sixtyseven)

6. Even if the main decor scheme of your home doesn't follow the vintage "look", create a vignette of items for a focal point, such as in this cafe.

(Interior design by Museum)

(Interior design by Barang Barang Interiors)

7. Don't be afraid to mix and match! A disparate array of colourful accessories was used to spruce up this dining area, alongside mismatched dining chairs. They all work surprisingly well together in this space. Tip: opt for a base colour of white to unify the look.

(Interior design by Zara Interiors)


8. Pay attention to details  the vintage-inspired embroidered bedlinen adds a nice punch of colour to this Peranakan-inspired bedroom!

(Interior design by Design Channel)

9. Marks and scratches are part of the charm of vintage furnishings. The chipped laminate of this display cabinet did not deter the homeowner from displaying it prominently in his study

(Interior design by Momo & Partners)

10. The loud colours in this living room makes for an interesting contrast with the oriental antique pieces in the space, such as the dining set in the background. 

(Interior design by Juxtapose)