10 living room ideas for ultimate relaxation

The living room is often the first thing that you see when you open the doors to your apartment, so it’ll definitely pay to spend a little more time to make it as welcoming as possible! From using lots of white to brighten up the living area to making it cosy with soft furnishings, we’ve got a whole bunch of living room ideas for small spaces right here!


living room ideas
1.    This cosy living room has got all the right ingredients for a soothing night in – gentle hues, plush seating, ample lighting for reading, and vibrant accents to break the monochromatic monotony.
(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

living room ideas
2.    Another way to put together calming décor for your flat is by using a palette of warm colours. Here, the designer has used an assortment of shades including dark brown, cream, and white to pull together a space that’s both exquisite and inviting.
(Interior design by Mong Design Studio)

living room ideas
3.    Want a living room that can put you at ease as easily as your bedroom does? Opt for a large, comfy day bed instead of a conventional sofa! We can’t think of a better way to enjoy Korean drama marathons than by vegging out on this lounger.  
(Interior design by EHKA Studio)

living room ideas
4.    Sometimes, all you need to imbue a restful ambiance into your living room design is a healthy amount of natural light. So if you’re blessed with a spacious balcony like this that doesn’t get the afternoon sun, it’ll be best to locate the living area next to it in order to enjoy as much of the light as possible.
(Interior design by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd)

living room ideas
5.    A large, modern, and comfortable sofa design can certainly serve to anchor a living room that’s devoid of decoration. Having a divider between the main entrance and living area also creates more privacy, allowing you make yourself as comfortable as you wish!
(Interior design by Benjeemen Heng I.D.)

living room ideas
6.    Using symmetry in interior decorating is a classic method for framing and zoning spaces. In this colonial black and white bungalow, the homeowner put together a semi-formal living room with facing sofas (perfect for entertaining) and a couple of accompanying vintage-inspired armchairs for an old world charm.
(Interior design by paper+white)

living room ideas
7.    If comfort and design are both important qualities that you’d like to have for your home, invest in good furniture. Without even trying too hard, this living room appears effortlessly charming thanks to the owner’s mid-century designer furniture, which speaks for itself.
(Interior design by Museum)

living room ideas
8.    Need decorating ideas for a narrow living room? Using an all-white base is a good place to start. But you’d want a cosy – not clinical – home, so remember to bring in soft textures such as suede, and calming materials like wood to fill the space with warmth.
(Interior design by Box.ID Studio)

living room ideas
9.    To create a chic, moody living room, use a variation of sensuous shades like purple, black, and greys. Curved, organic silhouettes also add softness to the area.
(Interior design by Rezt & Relax Interior)

living room ideas
10.    In order to put your mind completely at rest, it’s important to have as little visual clutter as possible. That’s why this clean cut, minimalist home appears absolutely inviting without having to try too hard.
(Interior design by ID Emboss Pte Ltd)

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