10 perfect white-themed apartments

The benefits of using a white palette for your home are endless. Not only does it help your home appear more spacious and bright, it also gives you a versatile backdrop to play with.

Its simple appearance means you can bring in colourful, loud furniture to give your home some personality. Using loose furniture means that you can switch it up, mix it around and replace them easily. In this manner, you’re never tied down by a specific look or theme.

These apartments show just how gorgeous a white palette will look in homes:


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(Image: Three-D Conceptwerke)
1. The simple palette allowed the homeowners to showcase their eclectic taste in furniture.

(Image: Paper+White)
2. Painting the older features of the bedroom white gives the bedroom a modern twist.

(Image: Museworks)
3. This ensuite bathroom accented the white base with marble and grey tiles on the floor.

(Image: The Cottage Crafts)
4. The faux fireplace, which might have once been considered gaudy, now brings a subtle touch of glamour thanks to its all-white appearence.

(Image: The Design Practice)
5. The different textures kept this home interesting.

(Image: Three-D Conceptwerke)
6. The dark wood floor helps ground the white space.

(Image: The Cottage Crafts)

7. An all-white scheme helps this tiny kitchen appear larger.

(Image: Space Sense)
. The white 3-D letters serve as a subtle décor over the bed.

(Image: Design Intervention)
9. This small bathroom appears larger, thanks to the white theme.

(Image: Box.ID Studio)
10. The unique clock makes an instant impact against the plain white wall.