Bathrooms so luxe you won't believe they're in Singaporean homes!

These dreamy bathrooms are so lavish you wouldn’t believe they’re actually found in homes here!

Who wouldn’t want an outdoor bathroom that faces a gorgeous panoramic sea view like this! We would surely spend hours soaking up the view in that bathtub with a book in hand.
(Interior design by Collective Designs)

This architectural bathroom space is such a vision. We love its modern take on the resort style – the standing shower frames the very inviting bathtub nicely too! 
(Interior design by Haire Living)

The expansiveness of this space age-looking bathroom is played up with minimal decoration, sharp lines, and a sunken bathtub.  
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

This couple reconfigured the top floor of their home to create this cosy open-concept en suite bathroom.
(Interior design by Museum)

While it’s indoors, this bath space still enjoys a nice dose of sunlight and a calming view of Bukit Timah Hill’s lush greenery.
(Interior design by Project File)

This one’s for the TV addicts! What more could you ask for when you can spend hours in the bathtub and catch up on TV series at the same time?!
(Interior design by  Three-D Conceptwerke)

In a crammed and busy city like Singapore, having an outdoor bath area that is surrounded by nothing but empty spaces can do wonders for relaxation.
(Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

This little courtyard brings a bit of the outdoors into the indoors bathroom with oversized plants and an enlivening splash of sunlight. 
(Interior design by Formwerkz)

We’re pretty sure Singapore would see a spike in birthrates if every newlywed had an open-concept bathroom like this in their BTOs!   
(Interior design by One-Stop Concept)

While it doesn’t have large spaces to flaunt, this narrow bathroom still oozes luxury thanks to its glossy marbled surfaces and cosy sunken bath. 
(Interior design by Design Intervention)

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