10 rugs for small homes

Besides adding a cosier feel to the space, rugs and carpets can also zone a space, add some colour, or even echo the rest of the interiors. Here’s some inspiration on how to include them into your space-starved HDB apartment without visually cluttering it.

1. Add a textural depth

Interior design by Three-D Conceptwerke.

2. Use it to bring out pops of bright colours

Interior design by Free Space Intent.

3. Mark out a lounging corner

Interior design by Miaja Design Group.

4. Add pops of colour to a neutral palette

Interior design by Space Sense.

5. Pull together the home's overall look with a rug
that reflects the same design elements.

Interior design by Space Sense.

6. Dress up the corridor with a runner rug

Interior design by Make Room.

7. Blend it into the floor for a subtler effect

Interior design by Museum.

8. Something small yet fun

Interior design by W2DA.

9. Use a couple of rugs to zone different spaces in an open-concept home

Interior design by Md.Ma Design Consultants.

10. Match it with your sofa for more wow

Interior design by Fuse Concept.