Wondering what to do with that odd corner in your home? We've got 10 ideas.

Many homes, especially newer built-to-order apartments, come with less than desirable layouts that include odd angles and problematic pockets of spaces. Here are some ideas on how to turn these small but challenging areas around to avoid leaving them as dead space.

  1. A customised floor-to-ceiling shelf allows the triangular nook caused by the home’s sloping façade to be incorporated into its design. (Interior design by Project File)
  1. Deep drawers keep the items stored under the stairs tidy and within reach. (Interior design by Artistroom)
  1. Instead of leaving staircase landings bare, filling them up with artworks and sculptural furniture pieces puts these often neglected areas to good use. (Interior design by KZ Designs)
  1. Build in a sleek, slim study area to create a semi-private nook to get your work done. (Interior design by Spacedge Designs)


  1. If the awkward space within your home is next to a window, hang up a large mirror in order to reflect natural light inwards and liven up the surrounding space. (Interior design by Homme Space)
  1. Make use of slanted walls to create an unconventional asymmetrical walk-in wardrobe. (Interior design by Cottage Crafts)
  1. This awkwardly shaped walkway is turned into a functional yet decorative gallery-like display wall.  (Interior design by Studio Arc)
  1. A small niche above the concealed rubbish chute is turned into a fish tank – a quirky way to inject life into dead spaces. (Interior design by Geoffrey Law Design)
  1. An elegant way to work around a structural column is to install a ledge that sets up a casual café-like bar area. (Renovation by Double S Furniture Renovation Contractor)
  1. Re-align the layout of your bedroom by fitting a study table into the skewed corner. (Interior design by Dwell Interior Design)

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