10 Ways to Use Teal in Your Home

A sophisticated cross between green and blue, teal is an interesting shade that is equal parts arresting and intriguing. Already chosen by AkzoNobel (the company that owns Dulux paint) as the Colour of the Year for 2014, you can expect all shades of teal to slowly make its way into the homes of the design-forward, as well as those oh-so-hip cafes. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate teal into your home...   

1. Feeling experimental but would like to keep it restrained? Try a two-tone wall for the living room with teal as a cool accent.

2. Throw pillows are no-brainers when it comes to adding colours and textures to your space, and teal is great for bringing out sumptuous fabrics like velour – think Hamilton Conte's (from Marquis QSquare) retro-luxe style. 
3. A dusty tone of teal for the walls can gel together a retro-inspired theme nicely. 
4. Quirky tableware, like this cup by Donna Wilson from The Design Store, can showcase teal in small portions. 
5. Clad the insides of open shelves with an unexpected colour like teal for a punchier accent.
6. Pair darker, more moody shades of teal with furniture pieces in fresh colours and crisp silhouettes (like the 169 Sideboard by Gervasoni Otto from Xtra) for a more balanced appeal.   
7. Teal is a great companion to wooden furniture, such as those from d-Bodhi, Journey East
8. You can also echo the colours of nature on your balcony with teal, using outdoor pieces with the likes of this Kruger Harbour dining chair from Crate and Barrel.
9. The designers at DistinctIdentity picked a vibrant shade of teal for this unique “tree” wall feature. 
10. Another fool-proof way to introduce teal into your existing décor is by throwing in a decorative rug that’s not too shouty, just like the Shang rug by Paolo Lenti from Proof Living.  
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