How to perk up a neutral colour palette home

Classic colours like beige, brown, and white continue to dominate many local homes here because the neutral palette is one of the most versatile schemes you can have for small spaces. Neutral colours will never go out of trend, and they also create a calming and cosy ambiance for the home. But don’t fall into the trap of being too safe! Style it up like these spaces…

1.    Bring a spectrum of colours into a white-brown-grey study room with quirky art works and colourful décor accessories. Practice restraint to get the right balance! The last thing you want is a cluttered and uncoordinated look.
(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)

2.    A more discreet way to inject colour into your apartment is by picking unexpected tones like cyan for the insides of your built-in cabinets! This is a great way to experiment with unusual colours that may be tricky for surfaces that are in plain sight.
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

3.    Ever thought of creating your own art installation with led cable lights? This quirky idea of using it to form words looks great both in the day and night!
(Interior design by EHKA Studio)

4.    While grey walls and parquet floors may sound dull, the plush soft furnishings in various shades of muted blues and rococo motifs on the cushions and armchair were able to bring an aristocratic elegance to this bedroom.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)

5.    Bold colours in small doses work wonders in a white and cream colour scheme. Without the tiny splash of mustard green within the niche, this bedroom would’ve looked rather run-of-the-mill.  
(Interior design by Space Sense)

6.    Instead of wracking your brains over how to conceal your bicycles, why not let them take centre stage with the help of wall-mounted racks? This idea is not only space efficient, but also adds a fun and rugged slant to this clean-cut, minimalist living area.
(Interior design by ID Emboss Pte Ltd)

7.    Having a bold-coloured floor rug is one way to break up the monotony of open-concept areas that have the same flooring treatment throughout. The carpet’s contrasting colour also helps to visually zone this large room.
(Interior design by Grafunkt)

8.    Bookshelves are fun because you can curate it regularly to change its entire appearance. And don’t underestimate the importance of books, artworks, collectables, and eccentric knick-knacks – having your personal belongings on display is what will set your home apart from everyone else’s!  
(Interior design by BLACK N WHITE HOUSE)

9.    Green complements natural materials like wood and stone, as well as earthy tones perfectly. Besides using plants to liven up your space, you can also consider getting synthetic turfs like these if you’re not blessed with a green thumb.
(Interior design by Prozfile)

10.    Having cove lighting around the bed frame and headboard brings a whole new perspective to this bedroom by adding just that extra cosiness to the space.
(Interior design by Oblique Interiors)

11.    If white and brown is your colour pairing of choice, try incorporating weathered wooden touches such as with furniture made out of recycled wood to introduce more textures to the space.
(Interior design by Make Room)

12.    When it comes to decorating a space, many forget to consider what’s above the eye level! Sometimes, a statement lighting design is all that is needed to make a simple space stand out.
(Interior design by The Carpenter's)

minimal bedroom with wallpaper
13.    Dressing up your space with decorative wallpaper is another way to add depth to expansive white walls.
(Interior design by Studio JP)

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