13 chic European-style inspired homes

What happens when you take a style that’s as ornate and traditional as the classic style and give it a fresh, modern spin? These homes chose a pared down colour scheme, toned the antiquated aesthetics down a notch, and ended up with a space that’s easy on the eyes and timeless without losing its palace-inspired grandiose!

1.    If space is a restraint, keep the decorative elements streamlined. This bedroom does it just right with a grand yet slim headboard, as well as a small chandelier that’s appropriately proportionate to the small bedroom.
(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)

2.    With a consistent white and gold colour palette, this open concept living and dining area comes together in a unified elegance that’s absolutely striking! The space also looks significantly bigger thanks to its large mirrors, white surfaces, and natural light.
(Interior design by Metaphor Studio)

3.    The right pairing of wallpaper and curtains transformed this cream-hued bedroom into a simple yet stately space.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)

4.    Dramatic and inviting at the same time, this fabric canopy was created for the bed in order to bring the lofty ceilings closer towards it, creating a much cosier space to rest.
(Interior design by Splendor)

5.    Customise cottage style cabinets for the kitchen and fit the sinks with antique-inspired mixers, and voila, you get a quaint cooking space that’s evocative of country homes in Europe. For a dash of glamour, opt for a crystal chandelier to bling it up.
(Interior design by  The Cottage Crafts)

6.    This bedroom is proof that you don’t need much to dress a small space up in the classic style. Here, the space is anchored with a tufted bedframe, which is accompanied with just the right amount of wainscoting on the walls, and then offset with dark draperies.
(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

7.    Adorn the bathroom with a floral wallpaper and a European-style mirror, and then bathe the space in a warm glow to create a romantic ambience.
(Interior design by Sirius Art)

8.    Put together by the homeowners themselves, this HDB flat bedroom is a toned down interpretation of the classic style. By pairing the French blue walls with the gentle curves of the bed frame, this space exudes a quiet charm that’s both soothing and inviting.

9.    While many associate the classical décor style with gaudy furniture and garish colours, it can also be expressed in a variety of subdued elements and creamy tones like in this bedroom. Subtle wall paneling and a plush headboard is sometimes all you need to pay homage to the timeless style.  
(Interior design by The Interior Library)

10.    Opt for pale, gentle colours for the bedroom for a space that can put your mind to ease and lull you into a deep sleep every night.
(Interior design by Museworks)

11.    Designed to mimic a VIP table at an upscale restaurant, this dining area features darker, more sensual shades and textures. Contrasted with a contemporary dining table and chair, this space gives off an effortlessly eclectic charm as well!
(Interior design by The Interior Library)

12.    The unexpected splash of tiffany blue against the decorative ceiling moulding mirrors the blue skies outside and brings a fresh air into the home’s interior.
(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)

13.    In a rather abstract interpretation of classical interiors, this space features a peculiar chandelier and photoframes (sans photos as the homeowners felt that a collage of images would take away the serenity of this space).
(Interior design by Space Sense)

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