13 stylish open-concept HDB flat homes

These stylish HDB flat homes all have one thing in common: an open-concept design. Open-concept design is so popular these days, because of shrinking floor plans. It helps make compact spaces feel larger, and has become more practical and efficient, suited to our modern lifestyles. So if you live in a small high-rise apartment — a common situation here in Singapore — it seems open-concept is the way to go!

Trend tip: Use glass panels framed with mild steel or aluminium for semi-open spaces!

Here are 13 great designs for open-concept HDB flat homes.


Design: Desmond Ong


Design: Sponge


 Design: Eightytwo


Design: Design Rebirth


Design: The Scientist


Design: Artistroom


Design: JQ Ong / The Association


Design: ID Emboss


Design: Museum Homes


Design: D5 Studio Image


Design: Egg3


Design: Produce


Design: Mong Design Studio