3 air purifiers to combat the haze

With schools declared close last Friday and the PSI at an unhealthy range of 130-169 (for now), it's best we stay indoors with the windows shut. But, harmful particles such as pollutants and allergens still sneakily enter homes and settle on our sofas and floors.

(image: Straits Times, by Yeo Kai Wen)

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The haze contains pollutants (check the level of pollutants in the air here) but, according to cleaning technology company Dyson, a US study estimated that level of pollutants and allergens indoors can be 100 times higher than outdoors.

Particles bigger than 10 microns in diameter (henceforth called PM10) do not enter the lungs, they are trapped in the nostrils. However, particles smaller than that (especially < PM2.5) penetrate deep into the lungs, possibly causing respiratory problems like asthma or worse, like a stroke.

The LG Air PurifierR459WN

THE SOLUTION: Purify your air. Most importantly, get an air purifier that can capture particles as small as PM0.1 This includes harmful compenents found in the air during the haze periods.

YOUR OPTIONS: The LG Air Purifier features the Haze & Odor Away filter which absorbs haze and its pollutants (including SO2 and NO2)while simultaneously gets rid of bad smells in the home. The purifier’s washable powerful HEPA filter also collects ultrafine particles (smaller than 0.03 micrometers in size) and eliminates bacteria, viruses and 99.9 per cent of PM2.5. 

Dyson Pure Cool Air Purifier Fan

Combining both fan and air purifier is the Dyson Pure Cool, which draws in air and purifies it with Dyson’s 360° Glass HEPA filter - pleated 254 times and can trap99.95 per cent of even the smallest particles including pollen, bacteria, and particles down to PM0.1. The air then leaves the amplifier loop at a high velocity, just like a fan, so you have purified, circulated air all year round. 

Hitachi EP-A9000 Air Purifier

Last but not least is Hitachi's EP-A9000 air purifier. It features an allergen-free HEPA filter, which is able to capture 99 per cent of 0.1 to 2.5PM particles, as well as a stainless clean system. This means when bacteria touches the metal ion contained in the stainless steel, it will effectively be surpressed.  It also acts as a humidifier.