3 customised design features to get for your dream home

There’s only so much store-bought furnishings can do; to give your home that extra distinguished flair, personality, and its own unique character, turn to customised design. Bespoke furnishings and design features can make a huge difference in the look of a space.\
Award-winning interior design firm Haire Living offers personalised design services handled by an experienced team, which works with the firm’s own carpentry workshop. Aside from bespoke furniture and lighting fixtures, Haire Living also completes the home by offering custom soft furnishings and window treatments for a perfectly unique and harmonious look for your home. These are just some design features they can customise for your home.

Never worry about your dining chairs not fitting the size of your dining table; this oversize table and chairs were custom-made. To match the elegance of the dining set, light fixtures were customised to fit the length of the table.

Beautiful furniture that coordinate with the rest of your home is at the tip of your fingers. You can request for custom pieces to fit the look and design of your space. Haire Living customised every piece of furniture in this home’s living room to match the monochrome look they were going for.

This bespoke sliding door frame was set apart by unique details such as raw-wood accents.

The display cases and cabinets in this walk-in wardrobe are not only functional, but look beautiful as well.

The white headboard was customised for this home, created to match the other custom designs of the room like the padded wall just behind the bed. 

This bedroom’s style was kept in sync with its soft furnishings, which include a bespoke bed headboard and cushions for the space.

What better way to liven up an outdoor shower by introducing tropical plants into the space?
For more information on Haire Living and the services they offer, head to www.haireliving.com.

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