Find out how to get electricity from a table, and light from water!

With increasingly bizarre weather patterns showing the effects of global warming, the race is on to find more eco-friendly and efficient ways to power human activity. We found three amazing green innovations which might just change the way we live, and save the planet!

Planet-Saving Idea #1
Enex Magnesium-air battery 

Generating power using magnesium isn't new, but Japanese company Enex (Energy to the next) is further developing the inexpensive powder-type magnesium-air battery, and working with designers to produce lamps. The battery generates electricity using any liquid - anything from plain ol' water to juice, sea water and alcohol, so you can have light almost anywhere without a power grid! A non-toxic substance, the magnesium in the batteries can also be regenerated after it's spent so there's no waste. 

The NEX donut lamp, which uses magnesium-air batteries, by Kamiki Design.


Planet-Saving Idea #2
Solar energy generated indoors

With the dye-sensitised solar cell in the Current table by Dutch designer Marjan van Aubel, you don't have to depend on the sun for solar energy! Based on photosynthesis, the solar cells within the glass table uses the properties of colour to create an electric current, and energy can be generated even in diffused indoor light. We think the pattern's pretty cool, plus your table can now be a charging station as well!


Planet-Saving Idea #3
Wood made from newspaper 

Reversing the production process of using wood to make paper, newspaper is now used to make wood. Dutch designer Mieke Meijer's project Newspaperwood involves layering newspapers and compacting them with an adhesive so that when you cut the "log", you see the paper layers, much like the growth rings of a tree. She has now partnered with design label Vij5 to further explore the possibilities of the material. 

The salmon-pink coloured pages of the Financial Times was used to make the planks for this cabinet.


The pink-hued paper of the La Gazetta della Sport newspaper went into producing this table.


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