3 Reasons To Choose Bamboo Furniture

#1 - Part of the grass family, bamboo can grow about 10 times faster than most hardwoods. As it regenerates very quickly, it is a highly renewable resource.

#2 - Hardier than oak and stronger than steel, the tensile strength of bamboo is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel. However, in spite of its strength, bamboo is naturally flexible. As a result, furniture designers can use bamboo to create unique designs that are unlike those made with hardwood.

#3 - Bamboo absorbs very little moisture. Their high density makes them water-resistant, so bamboo furniture is less prone to swelling, shrinking and warping.

Taking advantage of these remarkable qualities, designer Jeff Shi utilises bamboo in his furniture designs.

“I discovered that we had top-quality moso bamboo in Nantou County’s Chushan town. However, the bamboo industry in Taiwan was declining then – it was a pity. Bamboo has long fibres, it is resilient, strong and lightweight, and low-cost as a raw material. Millions of possibilities can be tapped from such a valuable yet affordable material. To emphasise these characteristics and its importance for water and soil conservation, I utilised bamboo to make Chair Jun Zi and Chair Qin Jian.”


Jeff Shi’s award-winning Jun Zi chair resembles the Chinese character ‘jun’ (or ‘noble’), or how bamboo represents the gentleman in Chinese culture.


Created with bamboo strips as long as 200cm in diverse rectilinear forms, the intricate plaiting process is a design feat in itself.


Presented as part of “Bamboo Project” for the Omni-Dimensional Design exhibition in China, Shi combined bamboo flooring with LED lighting to create Led-Bamboo, proposed as an energy-saving, all-in-one construction material.


Learn more about the work of Jeff Shi at www.shidayue.com and www.dragonfly.com.tw.