3 ways to design a boutique-style counter for your wardrobe

With more clothes and accessories than ever, couldn't you do with one of those boutique-style counters to store and display your possessions? A low-height counter can also help to zone your wardrobe or dressing area from your sleeping area.

But don't just put in a bulky block of storage — that will ruin your beautiful wardrobe. Here are three ways you can stylishly incorporate a boutique-style counter into your space.


1. Design it such that you can place a high stool under — this way, it could double up as a vanity at one side. This one features a snazzy tapered profile, too.


2. Design it with "stacked" layers of shallow drawers only for the most space-efficient storage for accessories. Just put in clear glass on the top — simple, practical and good-looking!


3. Design it with clear glass doors and shelves to totally show off your treasures, without letting dust get to them! It also looks less bulky this way.