4 decor ideas stolen from hipster cafes

Call it ambience, feel, or vibe, the cafes we love are often the ones where we feel most relaxed in. Sometimes, it's really not about the food and coffee anymore. It's about how it makes you feel, whether you're alone or with a bunch of friends. We share some homes that reminds us of our favourite cafes...

(Design: Lekker Design)

A long wooden table with matching dining chairs and a bench makes for a dining space that's great for larger families. Perfect for parties and family gatherings.


(Design: Sponge)

This dining room is split into two! One with banquet seating for a more laid-back lounge feel, and the other with dining chairs for a slightly more formal set-up.


(Design: Dreammetal)

With bar stools and a counter, you can ensure that everyone can huddle around  in the kitchen to participate in the conversation! Don't let the sunny spot at the balcony go to waste, line up some chairs for an alfresco experience.


(Design: JQ Ong/The Association)

Round tables facilitate conversation! Add stools in-between the dining chairs to pack in more people.

More decor ideas: