4 easy DIY ideas to try!

You can never really go wrong with DIYs. Check out these four easy-to-do DIY tricks!

a bright idea, light bulb, terrarium, upcycling, diy project

1. A Bright Idea

Remove the tungsten filament and support wires from the bulb and clean it out. Then, add tiny pebbles and plastic plants to create your own mini terrarium or aquarium! To hold them upright, attach clear adhesive knobs accordingly.


diy project, toy repainting, statement piece, upcycling, reuse

2. Not Just a Toy

Relive your childhood by transforming a nostalgic toy into an attractive display for your home. We gave a “decommissioned” kiddie car a slick coat of white paint to turn it into a stylish yet whimsical decor feature. 


upcycling, cork board, diy projects, diy, recycling

3. Quick Chats

Replace your standard rectangular cork board with these quirky “talking” ones. Outline a speech bubble on a cork board to use as a cutting guide. Then, brighten up the board (and hide any imperfections) by pasting coloured tape around its border. 


4. Take Note

Here’s a subtle way to remember the important dates in your life – by turning them into art for your home. Photocopy the pages of a retro-looking Chinese calendar, and enlarge or reduce some of the sizes. From there, piece them together with black tape for a patchwork effect.