4 more easy DIY ideas to try out!

There's no need to splurge on home accessories when you can make them yourself! Check out these easy DIY projects you can start on your own.

1. Key-p It:

diy, home project, upcycling, key holder, keys

Got an old box or drawer you’ve been meaning to throw away? Upcycle them by converting them into a storage for your keys! If you like, you can give it a new coat of paint, then screw in two rows of hooks and attach some picture hangers!


2. Brick by Brick:

diy project, diys, lego, duplo, stationary holder, desk accessory

Get a wooden box to store pens and other stationary, paint it in your favourite colour, and glue a flat Duplo or Lego brick onto the lid, which will be the base you will be building on. Design your own bookend shape using the rest of your Duplo or Lego bricks. We decided to create a tree and a bird, but let your creativity run wild!


3. Lighted Up:

diy projects, diys, light, glass jars, designer lights

Want a designer light? Make it yourself with a light bulb, electrical cable and glass container. Measure the circumference of your light bulb’s screw cap on the centre of the jar’s metal lid. Cut out that circumference, screw in the inside part of the lid, and carefully secure the lid onto the jar. We like a huge jar on the table, versus the typical ceiling-hung versions – and it’s even better if you use a bulb with an unusual filament design.


4. Ledge Life:

twig, wooden shelves, diy, home project, upcycling, big idea

Get a slim shelf to display your decorative items. Buy lightweight planks of wood (ours are from Daiso), measure and saw them to your desired length, then nail them together to form a box frame. Mount the frame with heavy-duty double-sided foam tape, or a faster like 3M’s Dual Lock reclosable fastener (which works like velcor). For a twist, we replaces one side of the frame with a tree branch, trimmed to fit.