4 Tips to keep your CNY plants fresh and healthy

Chinese New Year, flowers, plants
Photo: www.straitstimes.com

Tip #1
If you want flowering plants, find out how long they will take to bloom. As it gets closer to the first day of Chinese New Year, pick plants which have partially opened flowers so they will bloom in time.

Tip #2
For those who do not have a green thumb, opt for hardier plants such as kumquats, that require minimal care. Look for plants that do not need much watering and do well in little sunlight. 

Tip #3
When choosing citrus plants such as four seasons lime and dragon lime plants, the fruits should be rather firm to the touch, not soft and squishy. 

Tip #4
The stalk of the plant should be upright and its flowers should not droop. Choose one with lush foliage and blooms and no brown bits around the edges of its leaves and flowers. 

Sources: World Farm, www.greenculture.com

The information here first appeared in an article on www.straitstimes.com.