5 materials to look out for when shopping for decor

Shopping for the home is exciting. There's so much to see, and so many places to get ideas from! To help narrow down your options, we suggest looking out for these materials during your hunt for displays and statement pieces. Remember, objects are much more than just their designs - their appeal and beauty are influenced by what they are made of too!


(design: Space Sense)

Evocative of the industrial age, metal communicates toughness and durability. And have you noticed? When polished, the material is instantly elevated to the higher end of the social status ladder!


(Torno Cork Tray Stand by Lemongrass & Aubergine)

Cork carries a humility that speaks to everyone, and is a texture that just begs to be touched.


(image: Design Intervention)

Porcelain can be whimsical and delicate - both when left bare and without intricate carvings, as well as painted on.


(Design: Substance Living)

Bare woodgrain has a familiar honesty about it. Designers exploit wood's organic texture by carving, chopping, and shaping the material to form natural patterns. You can never go wrong with wood.


(design: Habit LLP)

Glass is versatile. It can take on as many looks as there are ways to mould it - from glossy, luxe appeal to chunky, down-to-earth forms.