5 multi-functional items for your home

We love the multi-functional. They save time, cost, and it gives you an ego-boost when you've figured out one more creative way to use it. We admit the items we've picked below may need a bit of sourcing, but once you have them the possibilities are endless. Plus, they look good.

Ladders into shelves

(image: www.apairandasparediy.com)

Ladders provide a stable base for a DIY shelving system. Depending on the width of its steps, you may or may not need extra boards to create more space for your items (like the shoe shelf above). If you don't have extra planks lying around, opt for baskets or containers that are wide enough to be placed comfortably on the front and back steps. Choose between wooden or iron ladders, giving it a paint job or sticking with the rustic look, and ladders or step stools that make good "side tables".


Hangers into an accessory organiser

(image: www.morningcreativity.com)

If you're into DIY-ing, get looped screws to fix into your wooden hanger - they make great earring holders. Don't want to get your hands dirty? Find a multi-tier pants hanger, but make sure the rungs are skinny enough to hang earrings on! Loop your ties, necklaces, and bracelets on the trouser bar. If anything slips, make binder clips your best friend.


Accessories into wall decor

(image: www.kellygolightly.com)

Doing this will save you space while adding personality to your home.Be it stylish hats or space-consuming outerwear, dress your wall up the same way you dress yourself. Jazz things up even further by using fun hooks instead of boring ol' plastic ones. 


Spools into... anything you want.

(image: www.scraphacker.com)

What you can do with a spool largely depends on its size. Smaller ones make great decor; whether you give it a coat of paint, wrap it in leftover fabric, or leave it as it is, use it as a pedestal for prized possessions. If you managed to snag one with a reasonable diameter, turn it into a bookcase. 


Crates into coffee tables

(image: www.decorateidea.com)

Hang around an industrial area, you'll surely chance upon a crate or two. While many do a good job of revamping their crates with wheels, a glass top, or some polishing, you can shoose to leave your crates as they are. However, check that it's not rotting and remove all splinters. Once you stack these crates up, there will be plenty of pockets for you to show off those coffee table books.