5 slim storage solutions for small homes

Slim storage is your solution to everything. Here’s why: it doesn’t take up a lot of space, and you can turn any odd space into storage! This rids your house of unwanted gaps that are a perfect hideaway for pests.

Here’s some suggestions on how you can use slim storage:

Store your shoes
1. Line thin storage units up against the wall, or create a tall, thin stack of individual compartments for your shoes. Either way, you've saved yourself plenty of space!
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Sliding pantry
2. Why build a large pantry when you can just create a sliding panel to store your canned food and cereal boxes?

(Image: Classy clutter)

(Image: Psmiyo)

Mini bookshelf
3. Make dead space useful by mounting a slim shelf for books or to display your trinkets.

(Image: Buzzfeed)

Turn your kitchen backsplash into storage
4. The best place to store your condiments and cooking utensils isn't next to your stove, but just behind it. But to keep them free from grease, make use of a sliding glass panel that doubles as your backsplash.
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Unique shelving
5. Instead of conventional cabinetry or shelving, make use of ladders! Lean them against the wall for a stylish way to store your towels and magazines! They look good, and they don't take up space.
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