5 spots in your home that need a thorough cleaning

Everyone thinks the bathroom is the dirtiest space in the house, but there are other places in your home that could be worse. Take a walkthrough these five spaces and see if you have over looked the hidden health dangers waiting to attack your family. 

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Image: Royal Living

1. Living room
Problem area: Carpet
Hidden danger: One gram of carpet dust contains about 730 million bacteria. Carpet dust can also cause respiratory problems and allergies.
Solution: Vacuum regularly using a machine with a HEPA filter, which can trap very tiny particles.

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Image: Habit LLP

2. Kitchen
Problem area: Tap mixers, appliance knobs and light switches
Hidden danger: Greasy fingers or hands working on raw food inadvertently touch those small objects, which everyone in the house eventually touches, too.
Solution: Wipe tap mixers, appliance knobs and light switches with a disinfectant or anti-bacterial wipes at least once week. 

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Image: Desmond Ong

3. Bedroom
Problem area: Mattress
Hidden danger: The average bed has up to two million house mites in it. Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that get deposited on the bed and bedding. When dried microscopic droppings from dust mites become airborne, continuous expose to and inhalation can trigger asthma attacks.
Solution: Amicor is an anti-bacteria fibre that is woven into the textile to prevent bacteria from growing. Dust mites are unable to live inside the mattresses protected with this textile too. Choose mattresses that are anti-dust mite. 

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Image: Mong Design Studio 

4. Study room
Problem area: Keyboard
Hidden danger: Dust and food particles caught between the keys.
Solution: Depending on the type of keyboard you use, vacuum, shake it out upside down or wipe it clean weekly (especially if it has multiple users or if you eat while you work).

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Image: Free Space Intent 

5. Bathroom
Problem area: Tile grouting
Hidden danger: Mould and mildew may grow on the tile grouting that is not sufficiently cleaned. This could also be caused by a dark, damp bathroom.
Solution: Besides scrubbing the tiles with a bacterial-killing cleaning solution, make sure you window is well-ventilated.