5 Tips On Eco-friendly Interior Design

Make a conscious effort to keep the environment in mind when you're decorating your home. These five tips will surprise you by how easy it is to be eco-friendly:

Dining Set From Journey East

Bar table and bar stool crafted from solid recycled teak wood, and recycled galvanized pipes for the frame by d-Bodhi. Available at Journey East.

#1 MAKE USE OF NATURAL LIGHT Save costs on additional light fixtures and electricity with windows that let natural light in. The addition of mirrors also help brighten up a space as they help to reflect light indoors.

#2 ENJOY MULTI-PURPOSE FURNITURE Have a dining table that doubles up as a preparation counter or a bar. Maximise every space you've got to avoid spending on unnecessary pieces.

#3 USE ORGANIC AND NATURAL MATERIALS Embrace recycled wood and minimise the use of plastic. Check that the wood furniture you're about to purchase comes from sustainable sources. 

#4 BUY PRE-LOVED AND SECONDHAND FURNITURE It saves on manufacturing and transportation costs. Typically, these items have a rich heritage, thus giving your home more character!

#5 SHIP FROM LOCATIONS NEARER TO HOME The farther we ship from, the more fossil fuels we burn. It may not seem like it's going to make a big impact,  but if everyone is aware, and considers the environmental impact of long-distance shipping, we can reduce the amount fuel used.