5 ways to declutter with this one product that’s affordable and readily available

Instead of using magazine holders the conventional way i.e. on shelves to compartmentalize magazines and books, adopt these creative and low cost methods to store away your things neatly, whether it be in the kitchen, living room or even your shoe rack!

#1 Take advantage of the corners

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You can save so much space by sticking the magazine holder along the corners of the wall. Use it to keep away loose items such as bills which are important yet can cause clutter over time. Not only that, it can also serve as an ornament display area!


#2 Stick it to the wall

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Items can be easily retrieved when stuck to the wall in this orientation. Bills, envelopes and other important documents placed here also act as a constant reminder as they are easily in sight and most importantly, it keeps everything neat and tidy!


#3 Attach it behind the door of your kitchen cabinet

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Ever had problem storing your cling wrap and baking paper rolls because they’re all of different lengths and heights? You can use magazine holders to keep them neatly organized. Attach it to the back of the kitchen cabinet door where you can conveniently get them when you need!


#4 Organise your stockpile

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Canned foods can be difficult to retrieve especially when they are stacked one above the other. Place them in magazine holders and you can get the ones you want easily without them falling over and risk hurting yourself. Organised this way, you can also take note of the expiration dates under the cans.


#5 Shoe rack hacks

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You can even use them to store away your slippers instead of stacking them and making a mess of your whole shoe rack!


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