4 webstores to get your quirky Singapore-themed decor

We are big fans of design, and this includes those from Denmark, Japan, Indonesia... (the list goes on) but we also love designs that remind us of home. We name four online stores you can get your quirky Singaporean decor from.

#1 wheniwasfour
Our pick: Chinese Composition Cushion Cover

(image: wheniwasfour)

Wheniwasfour is best known for its local iconic food cushions (888 Katong laksa everyone!) but the Chinese Composition cushion cover was chosen for its versatility; it's unique enough to be a conversation starter, but not too over the top to be a distraction.  On the nostalgia scale, this might be a good or bad idea depending on whether you aced your Chinese exams. Buy it here.

#2 Naiise
Our pick: Iconic Kopitiam Cup Planter by Cynthea Lam

(image: Naiise)

Naiise has a whole section dedicated to local designs, including this gem. We find the idea using a Kopitiam cup as a home for your plants endearing! Designed by urban farmer Cynthea Lim, who turns common home objects into plants for the home, this planter is authentic and reminiscent of old coffeeshops. And a great way to brighten up the home with some greenery of course. Buy it here.

#3 Onlewo
Our pick: Tiong Bahru Wallpaper

(image: Onlewo)

Onlewo is a design studio that produces wallpapers, fabrics, and tiles with motifs depicting Singapore icons. This Tiong Bahru Wallpaper is part of a heritage series consisting prints of Little India, and the Peranakan culture, and is one way to bring some local history home. Buy it here.

Our pick: Grille Trivet by Atas

(image: The Farm Store)

FARM is a multi-disciplinary design practice and their store is a go-to destination for localised trinkets. This Grille Trivet is a replica of the metal gates that used to be pretty common in Singapore, and can be used as tableware or as a display. Buy it here.