6 cleaning hacks for the living room

The living room is usually the part of the house with most decorative items, from flower vases to sofa throws. However, these get pretty dusty after some time. Here are six cleaning hacks, shared by cleaning expert at HelplingNinette Herberger, that'll help you maintain a clean and stylish space with little effort!

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Scratches on your parquet flooring: Rub a walnut over the affected area, as the oil from it would help to restore the colour.

Animal hair on the carpet: Animal lovers can relate to having your cats or your dogs spending 70% of their time lying on the carpet or the sofa leading to unsightly balls of fur everywhere. As the hair that isn't so easily removed with a vacuum cleaner, use a rubber glove or scotch tape to remove the hair.

Porcelain display dishes with discoloration and stains: Some porcelain dishes should not be put in the dishwasher. Luckily, there is a simple home remedy: take a cork, dunk it in oil, and then salt. In a circular motion, go over the discolored or dirty surfaces. Then, rinse the porcelain thoroughly by hand.

Dull curtains: After cleaning the windows, you're now off to the curtains. Put half a pack of baking soda into the washing machine with your curtains and watch that greying disappear.

Dusty blinds: To dust blinds, put an old sock onto your hand and run it over the slats.

When finished, you can (once filled with flower petals and a few drops of rose oil a bowl, for example) have a great fragrance in the home and having it look great!