6 kitchen and home gadgets that will make staying in more fun!

Kick off your shoes, turn up the music, and snack on some cotton candy. Is that a perfect night in, or what?

EN&IS Megaphone

(image: www.naiise.com)

The horn-shaped speaker doesn’t need any wires – just stick your iPhone in it and it amplifies sound.To save you the trouble of coming up with a party playlist, rope in friends to share their music collections. Retails for $430 upwards.

Quench Cocktail Spinner

(image: Tott)

If you’re too busy to play bartender for your home parties (in addition to being the chef, party entertainer, childminder and more), let this handy cocktail spinner help. Instead of having to lift and shake, simply press the button at the top to activate the stirrer for a perfectly mixed drink. Retails for $42.90.


(image: LG)

With a near-invisible stand, a razor-thin frame and a panel only 4.8mm thick, the 55-inch curved television set makes a bold statement.The curved display means you have an unobstructed view from any angle, and with its 4K technology, it’s like looking straight through a window into a cinematic world. Retails for $5499.

Nostalgia Electrics Hard Candy Cotton Candy Maker 

(image: Hipvan)

Who doesn’t love cotton candy? This appliance is just the right size for your home and easy to operate. Kids and adults alike will clamour for their turn at it. Retails for $97.80.

Nespresso Pixie Clips

(image: Nespresso)

Brighten up your kitchen with this cheery machine, which comes with interchangeable decorative panels in a variety of textures and colours. Besides dispensing great cups of joe, it comes in a tidy size too. Retails at $338.

Mt Sapola Nebuliser

(image: Mt Sapola)

Mask unwanted smells and lift the mood in your home by sending the gentle aroma of diffused essential oils through your living space.You can even mix and match oils to create your home's signature scent.

This article was originally published in Simply Her December 2015.