6 new wood table designs you've not seen before!

Think a table's just four legs and a top? These new wood tables will make you think differently. Designed by both professionals and students, they're the winners of renowned Italian furniture company Porada's International Design Award 2013.

First prize in the Student category: ICS convertible side table
Using the same two elements in solid Walnut, the ICS is a side table when the leg is placed upright, and a breakfast table when the leg is placed horizontally. The tray on top is attached with strong magnets, and furrows cut on the underside of the tray secure the tray further.



Second prize in the Student category: The Ply table
The Ply table explores the possibilities of plywood to create a desk, and storage beneath it. Exploiting the flexibility of plywood, the material is left to drape below the table instead, in place of more bulky and non-transparent drawers.


Third prize in the Student category: Folding Wood table set
The design of this set of furniture in wenge-stained Walnut, consisting of a console, writing desk, TV cabinet and coffee tables, was inspired by origami. But instead of paper, it is a plank of wood that gets "folded".


First prize in the Professional category: The Lope extendable dining table
A hybrid of two archetypal tables - one made of wood, and the other metal, Lope is an extendable table where the solid Ash Canaletta Walnut portion slides into the white matt aluminium piece. The two different materials also symbolises the materials and methods of the past and present.


Second prize in the Professional category: Volovia dining table
In another representation of past and present, the Volovia table uses both cutting edge CNC (computer numerical control) machining and the ancient carpentry method of dovetail jointing to create its design. The woods used are a combination of light and dark varieties such as Yew, Maple and Ziricote.


Third prize in the Professional category: Bow dining table
Made from solid wood, the Bow table started from using a cylinder-shape for each of the four table legs, slightly tilting them towards the centre and progressively reducing the amound of material for the legs. The result is a special geometric shape for the legs.


Submissions are now open for the 2014 edition of the competition! If you have a great idea for a mirror design which uses wood as well, check out more details here. Porada is available here at Marquis QSquare.

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