6 things to frame other than art

Frames don’t only need to be used for photographs and artwork. Here are a few other ways you can get creative with them!

1. Framing Dried Flowers

dried flowers, framing, frame, home decor, diy, project
Image: Pinterest

Whether you’re keeping a flower from your very first bouquet, or even if you just love having nature in your home, framing dried flowers make a rustic and interesting feature for your wall!

Find out how to dry your flowers the right way here.

2. Jewellery Organisers

jewellry frame, organiser, frames, diy, home decor, design
Image: Brit

Put your pretty frames to good use by using them to keep your prized jewellery collection! Simply attach a corkboard or a pin board behind the frame itself so you can easily store your earrings, necklaces and more. Plus, they’ll also be on display for all to see! 

3. A Travel Memoir

frame, travel, memories, scrapbook, home decor
Image: Design Aglow

Keep all the precious memories from your last holiday in some clear glass frames. Plane tickets, bus passes, and even foreign currencies can all be put on display. This is also a great mini DIY project that you can take on – customise it however you want it to look like!

4. Key Organisers

frame, keyholder, diy, project, home, decor
Image: Purple Carrot

Besides using them to store your jewellery, you can even screw some hooks into your frames to make them an excellent place to hang your keys! Now, because they’re all in one place, there are lesser chances for you to misplace them as well.

5. Fabric Display

fabric, framed, frames, diy, project, home, decor, design
Image: Pottery Barn

For something quick, try displaying various patterned textiles! This works great for any home design, because you can choose the style, texture, and colour of the fabrics you would like to display. And a plus point? They’re really quick and easy to do!

6. Framed Calendar

framed, calendar, diy, project, design, decor
Image: Maple & Magnolia

Keep your life organised by making a framed calendar! With this DIY project, you can get creative and design your calendar however way you want it to look like. This brilliant idea uses paint chips for a more colourful touch!