6 useful household apps for every Singaporean

Thanks to tech whizzes everywhere, we now have a wide range of utility apps that help us run a tight ship at home. Whether you'd like to save time and effort, or are simply looking for ways to make things at home more convenient, these apps can help!


(image: Sendhelper)

If your furniture and countertops need a wipe-down after that week-long holiday, or the party last night got too crazy and you need help with the mess, request a service from Sendhelper! As the name suggests, the app helps you book a helper who can help you with anything from basic cleaning to laundry. Cleaning and cooking starts from $18 an hour. Helpers have been professionally screened as per proper quality standards.

Other similar services are The Sunday Crew and Helpling.


Beat the queues and pay your bills instantly with the AXS app. It works just like the physical machines you see around Singapore; you can pay for fines, insurance, memberships, and prepaid top-up. The app issues email receipts for you to keep track of them, and you can also look through previous bills such as M1 or Singtel, and pay them again when the time comes. 


Plan your chores and schedule ahead with this app by the National Environment Agency. My ENV provides information a two-hour Nowcast based on your current location, PSI readings, the tides, and the risk of dengue in the area you're in (a red cluster means get out of there quick!). It also lets you in on the nearest hawker centres.

My ENV also features the Home Energy Auditor section, which helps you estimate the monthly energy cost of your appliances, and offers tips on how to save more energy. And with the Life Cycle Cost Calculator, you'll know which household appliances (according to brand and model numbers) have a long lifespan and how much energy it uses. You can now shop wisely!

*This app is available on Apple Watch.


If you're selling off your sofa and need help to send it over to its new home, try GoGoVan. It pairs you up with a vehicle to ship bulky items, and comes very handy when you're moving houses. Note down your special requirements, e.g. long furniture or pit stops, and it'll find the right driver for you.

(image: RedMart)


When you get the munchies and are craving for some ice cream, go on RedMart and order it. With over 15,000 products (and more to be updated), you're sure to find what you need, be it a tub of Rocky Road or a carton of eggs!

123 Recycle

Hold up! Before you throw out those milk cartons, find out how you can recycle them. While the carton might go into the 'paper' bin, the cap should go into the 'plastic' section. Invented by Nestle and supported by NEA, 123 Recycle identifies the best way to dispose and recycle your waste.