6 ways to show off your bicycle at home, AND save space!

As part of the slow living movement perhaps, bicycles have become trendy accessories to dress up a hipster cafe, or in a similarly-decorated home. But these are not your banged-up rust-gathering machines of the past. Stylish models such as dapper Dutch roadsters, minimal fixed-gear bikes, and sporty messenger bikes, are the ones you'd want to get if you intend to have them out in full view of your guests. We show you six ways to present your bikes in their best light. 


1. Hung up on the wall in the dining area and ornamented with colourful bunting, this pretty-in-pink bicycle acts almost like a piece of art. Design by Free Space Intent.


2. These wooden bicycle holders are slim and sleek, perfect for holding them up in full view of the clean-lined living room. Design by Story of Us.


3. For a more sporty display (and to save space), raise them on a pole! Design by Space Sense.


4. Here's another way to save space if you've got a few bikes. "Stack" them vertically! They make a more dynamic display, too! Design by Fuse Concept.


5. Make an impact at your entranceway with your bicycle. The sporty-ness of the bike is enhanced with the picture on the wall. Design by Whiz Concepts.


6. Finally, bicycles look great against a brick wall. It's their natural environment after all! Instead of bricks, this home uses tiles in a bricklaying pattern. Design by Project File.