6 ways to turn your house into a home

It's the little touches that count. Luxurious scents, pretty mini bouquets and stylish crockery bring warmth and personality to any space. Here are more ways to turn your four walls into a welcoming abode that's truly your own.

Easy combinations

Start with a classic wood-toned backdrop - this cosy yet modern combination always works. Fresh accents such as green stand out against the monochromatic colour scheme, while adding a dash of playfulness to the look. When you are comfortable with trying something more adventurous, go for it!

(design: Make Room)

Organise stylishly

Reinvent your space with clever storage solutions, that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. Stackable ones are useful too.

Make it comfy

Create a plush, hotel-room inspired setting with rich neutrals like grey and beige. Layer on a mix of fabric finishes for tactile interest and a soft, inviting touch.

(design: Royal Living)

Prints and colours

Graphic prints in a monochromatic palette make a stylish statement in any room. Balance with plain, one-tone hues to maintain a sense of calm and spaciousness in the bedroom.

Add some flowers

Don’t shy away from artificial flowers – some of them look so real, you’d never guess it. What’s more, they last forever and you never have to worry about watering or pruning them. Read this for creative ideas on displaying indoor plants.

Make scents

Adorn your bathroom with pretty candles and fragrances. They will infuse your space with the sweet smell of luxury and romance, and calm your spirit. 

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